COVID-19: Commission rallies Member States to prepare for autumn and winter
Today, the Commission is proposing concrete measures to avoid a surge of COVID-19 cases in the upcoming autumn and winter season.

EU investment screening and export control rules effectively safeguard EU security
Foreign investment screening and export controls play a critical role in safeguarding European security and public order.

Daily News 02 / 09 / 2022

Concorso UE per giovani traduttori: iscrizioni aperte per le scuole
Le scuole secondarie di tutti i paesi dell’UE possono ora iscriversi a Juvenes Translatores, il concorso annuale di traduzione della Commissione europea.

InvestEU in Germany: EIF and KfW Capital support female Green Generation Fund for sustainable startups
The Green Generation Fund (GGF) founded by Manon Littek and Janna Ensthaler has raised €100 million for investments in innovative food tech and green tech startups. The European Investment Fund (EIF) contributed €25 million backed by an EU budget guarantee from the new InvestEU programme.

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